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The Interloper
In life we meet many different kinds of people. Some are kind, compassionate and caring; others not so much. The protagonist, Elly Norman, is not a likeable character. She is cold, uncaring of others and pursues vengeance for wrongs she believed were committed against her. The old adage of walking a mile in someone else’s shoes is what The Interloper is really about.

In Elly’s case, she dies suddenly and enters a space in time where she is forced to do just that – inhabit another’s life – reading their thoughts and suffering their injustices. This is all without the person’s knowledge or being aware of her presence. Elly, in her last incarnation, becomes a true interloper inhabiting the body and thoughts of a physically and mentally challenged young woman in the 1950’s.

She has many lessons to learn but does she?

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