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Elly Norman is the child of divorced parents. She is loved and adored by her mother and grandparents. After her parents divorced she never saw her father, Brian, and felt ignored and abandoned. The little girl felt the abandonment deeply and hid her hurt and pain behind smiles and impish behaviour. As she entered her teen years, she sealed off her pain while at the same time perfecting her manipulative skills. Her family had no idea of the real Elly living in their home.

Adults often do not understand a child’s perception of their reality. Elly’s deep sense of abandonment by her father manifested into a cold, calculating young woman who built a wall around herself thereby shielding herself from other potential hurts. Her beautiful face and friendly, outgoing manner concealed a cruel and cunning young woman.

Elly’s pursuit of vengeance of perceived wrongs ensnared innocent people into her web. They were expendable in her world. She really had no concept of what caring, compassion and understanding the consequences of her actions had on others nor would she have cared.

Elly died and entered into The Shadows, her vengeful spirit now fully formed. When an emmisary, Tony Charelle, stepped in offering her the possibility of a life of adoration and luxury, it was then she began to understand the messages of The Shadows.

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