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Junee McKnight was the youngest child in a large family. Her mother, Rita, and father, Larry, married in their teens when Rita became pregnant. Both sets of parents disowned their children for bringing shame on their families. Larry quit school and found a factory job. Rita, a young, pregnant girl, also quit school and stayed home trying to manage a household while awaiting the birth of her first child. Larry and Rita were a couple of terrified kids learning to negotiate the adult world. The young couple struggled to survive and it was Larry’s aunt June who stepped in to help. They rented a cottage on the outskirts of Newcombe and began their life as a family.

Several years later a handsome young man (an emissary from Satan) Tony Charelle, arrived in Newcombe. He successfully ingratiated into village affairs. Charelle had vague, flippant answers when questioned about his background and the questions soon stopped. Charelle’s charming good looks were pretty much lost on Rita who was busy caring for her husband and four young children. An evil twist of fate put Rita directly in the path of Charelle. The result of this liaison was the birth of Rita’s fifth child, a girl, the family called Junee after Larry’s aunt June. Junee was the child of Rita and an evil creature in human form called Tony Charelle. Rita told Larry Junee was not his child but refused to name the true father. Larry loved his wife and children. He accepted and loved Junee as one of his children. Junee only learned Charelle was her biological father when Rita was on her death bed.

Junee was a smart little girl who matured into a highly intelligent young woman. She graduated from university and attended law school. She eventually became a full partner in a prestigious law firm earning a reputation as a take-no-prisoners, kick-ass lawyer. In her drive to succeed, it never occurred to her to inquire the source of the funds of her education,.

Junee met Leslie Sills when both were in high school. Junee went on to university while Leslie enrolled in hair dressing school. Where Junee was beautiful, tall and had a commanding presence, Leslie was what Junee thought of as “so-so average”. Leslie was a striking contrast to Junee which brought much attention to Junee who was secretly pleased by the comparison. It fed her ego. Leslie understood and accepted Junee’s need for attention and simply shrugged. In her early fifties, Junee married a fellow lawyer, Manny Picone, and was happy with her life. After Manny’s death, Junee drew closer to her oldest friend cherishing Leslie’s friendship. They remained friends for over fifty years.

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