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Someone once wrote, “friendship, like the flight of birds, cannot be put into written words”. I am privileged to have both female and male friendships. The word, friendship, can be difficult to describe. There are many kinds of friendships. Some friendships can last a lifetime; others are transient. I believe people come into our lives for a reason. When the purpose (originally unknown to us) has been achieved, some stay;… Read More »FRIENDSHIP


It’s been a while since I posted. Here goes. As I watch world, federal, provincial and local politics, all I can think is OMG! (You realize I am being exceptionally polite). Will this ever change – whatever ‘this’ is? As my dear Pop used to tell me “The ordinary person can’t change anything. People with the money, have the power. They don’t live by the same rules as the rest of… Read More »UPDATE


Well, here we are again. Another year is nearly over heralded by the coming of Christmas in a few days. Let’s take a step back and look at what is supposed to be a joyous time of the year. First, let me look at “shopping” which often turns out to be more of a chore than enjoyment. Watching folks rush around overcrowded shopping malls after driving around a half hour… Read More »CHRISTMAS 2022


Feeling rather philosophical lately. In a few weeks I will reach four score. I now completely understand when ‘old folks’ say, “how did I get this old this fast?” That cold draft I felt blowing across my shoulders was time! Time used to be an abstract but as the years flew by, the word ‘time’  took on an almost physical presence.  As we age, we slowly begin to notice changes… Read More »A COLD DRAFT


Why not you? Why not me? If you think about it, many of us have experiences in our lives that are fascinating, scary or moments in time that teach us lessons. Often, these events are shared with those closest to us. For some folks, writing about them is a way of remembering. For many of us, unless we write things down, they disappear into the ozone layer never to be… Read More »WRITE? WHO? ME?

YOU CAN NEVER GO BACK — or can you?

Several weeks ago I returned to “Newcombe” to visit the old village which was the background for both Emissary books. During the long Covid isolation, I began reading The Emissary and the Emissary’s Endgame and decided I needed to return to the village of all those childhood memories. We drove through “Newcombe” down the village’s main street and across the old steel bridge, before turning back. The old saying of… Read More »YOU CAN NEVER GO BACK — or can you?

The Supernatural

As you can see by the titles of three of my novels: The Emissary, The Emissary’s Endgame and The Interloper, I have an interest in the supernatural or, perhaps in less dramatic terms, events that are unexplainable. My terrified characters are unwitting players in events not of their own making.   In my novels, there are episodes that defy human logic and experience. Characters are forced to acknowledge the challenge to… Read More »The Supernatural

Website Update for 2022

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Moving forward into 2022, website has undergone updates, including the removal of the eCommerce feature that allowed users to securely purchase Erica’s books via the website. With Erica Neale’s books available worldwide on Amazon, users can purchase and enjoy the books directly from the Amazon origin of their respective country. Minor tweaks and adjustments have also been made in the back-end, which provides a clean and easy-to-navigate interface. Any… Read More »Website Update for 2022


As I write this, the sun is shining and the temperature is a balmy 4C. Wind is picking up. We all know weather can change quickly and we will be plunged into cold wind, freezing temperatures (winter coat, hat and scarf, fuzzy gloves and warm boots weather!). Grey, scudding clouds suddenly cover the sun. But, no matter, we are used to winters. Many of us will bundle up and go… Read More »DECEMBER, AH BEAUTIFUL, UNPREDICTABLE DECEMBER


After writing The Emissary, I took another look at the character of Tony Charelle and his ability to travel through time. If evil could travel through time, why not the ordinary spirit? I began thinking about beliefs that encourage a belief in the soul/spirit being transported to another dimension upon death to a paradise, of sorts, I suppose, assuring people their soul/spirit  never dies. These souls/spirits simply morph thereby giving… Read More »THOUGHTS ON WRITING THE INTERLOPER