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BE AN ORIGINAL Some people live in the shadow of others. Some people live in their own sunlight. Then there are people who live in the twilight. They live their lives through the thoughts and ideas of others passing them off as their own. They have not fully developed their own identity. They are cut-outs of people they wish they could be. Lost. Develop your own personality. Personal growth is… Read More »MUSINGS DURING COVID – 2


After writing The Sand Clock, I sat back and really thought about my mortality. It is one thing to write about the lives of others but a totally different thing to seriously think about your own. So…… I sat down and wrote a few thoughts. The Ladder of Life Whether we know it or not, we are all standing on the ladder of life. When we are born, we are… Read More »MUSINGS DURING COVID -1


As with Barbara and Milly, Augie is not the woman’s real name. The character of Augie is the blending of the lives of  two women. The ‘first Augie’ gives a brief glimpse into her mother’s life. It was the 1800’s. Her mother was born into an impoverished farm family. The wealthy land owner’s son offered them food and fuel for the family until the child was of age. The parents… Read More »BACKSTORY – Augie


I met Milly and her family many years ago. Milly, not her real name, of course, was the oldest of seven children. All of her brothers were in the military. When she was a young woman, Milly was a candidate to be a teacher. Once again, all names are pseudonyms. Milly was a pretty, dark haired, young woman. She was shy, not particularly outgoing and somewhat naive. When she was… Read More »BACKSTORY – Milly


Easter 2021 isn’t much different from Easter 2020. COVID-19 is still here and during the past year, she brought “her sisters”.  The Province of Ontario is again in lockdown and now for the month of April. So my greeting for everyone is, truly, have an enjoyable Easter because we still  have things for which to be grateful: the people we have around us and that many of us are still… Read More »EASTER 2021


  Let me say, first of all, my real characters have been kept anonymous.  Barbara, the first character in The Sand Clock, was a determined, feisty woman and her attitude, when young was, I-will-do-as I-like. I met the real Barbara when she was in her  mid-sixties. She was the type of woman who held the family together with Christmas and/or New Year’s Eve parties. Early in her marriage, she was… Read More »BACKSTORY – Barbara


Good morning on this March 20, first day of spring for 2021. A quick update on The Sand Clock. In the next couple of days, I will be writing a backstory for Barbara, Millie and Augie. I will offer a bit more personal information on the three women which will give the reader a better understanding of the times in which they were born.  Barbara, Millie and Augie exhibited courage… Read More »HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING

Mid-February update

hello and good afternoon. Just a brief note to wish those of you who celebrate Valentine’s Day a peaceful, enjoyable and kind day. With so much negativity in and around our lives at this time, perhaps this is the day to reflect on past February 14s with a small smile or, in some cases, a groan. Remembering other years will remind us that this period in our lives will eventually… Read More »Mid-February update

The Sand Clock is now available

Well, it’s finally done. The Sand Clock is now available in eBook and in paper. it’s been a long haul for me, mostly because i kept nitpicking at my words and my computer throwing the occasional hissy fit – just to let me know technology is still in charge! The Sand Clock is based on the lives of three elderly women born in the early 1900’s now living in a… Read More »The Sand Clock is now available


My latest novel, The Sand Clock, is now in the hands of TRIMATRIX Management Consulting, Inc.  for editing and printing. The novel is about the lives of three elderly women who meet in a retirement home. They share the stories of their lives and, most importantly, their views on old age what it means to be an elderly woman in today’s society. The novel is based on conversations I have… Read More »COMING SOON THE SAND CLOCK