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TRIMATRIX Management Consulting, Inc. , the management company who steers me through the publishing world, is now on INSTAGRAM. Why not check them out and see what information and guidance they offer authors and readers. I am fortunate to be featured along with other authors affiliated with TRIMATRIX Management Consulting, Inc.  Great company.


It’s been a while since I have been on my blog. No excuses! Now that COVID-19 looks like it is settling in for the summer, (perhaps longer!!) I thought I would write a brief update. We survived the last two weeks of February, March, April and the second last week of May in isolation. The remainder of my book signings were, of course, cancelled. A couple of months ago, I… Read More »UPDATE —NEW NOVEL

Death notice of a quiet, anonymous and much loved woman.

When I was a VERY young girl, I met my cousin, Gertrude. She was 24. She and her parents had just arrived from Germany and came to live with my parents until they could get settled. I never saw a more beautiful creature! She was a tall, slender young woman with the most amazing face, blue eyes and mane of red hair! She was a daughter who became a wife… Read More »Death notice of a quiet, anonymous and much loved woman.


I want to express my gratitude to those serving on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19. You all, from all health professionals, fire, police, border patrol, transportation workers, commercial workers, ALL OF YOU, for putting yourselves directly in the line of fire to assist those of us who are, hopefully, staying isolated in our homes. To those of you who are with your families because your places of… Read More »GRATITUDE

book signing

had another great time with Indigo on Stonechurch Road in Stoney Creek on Sunday, march 8th. the weather cooperated with cool temps but SUNSHINE and the store had folks coming and going all afternoon. All of my books sold well with particularly interest being shown in The Interloper. I appreciated all of the people stopping by to chat with me and appreciated the helpful staff at Indigo. Thanks Miranda. This… Read More »book signing

Update on first book signing of 2020. February 8th.

After many cloudy, rainy or cold days, the sun finally came out on the Saturday of my book signing at Indigo in Ancaster. People were smiling and in a good mood. Indigo was very busy with many folks dropping by to check out the latest publications and have a coffee at Starbucks. The book signing was well attended and questions were asked not only about the books but writing/publishing in… Read More »Update on first book signing of 2020. February 8th.

This website shares stories of older people who have created new lives for themselves. It was suggested that I tell you my story and so here goes. I graduated from university with an Honours degree in English when I was 60. At 74, I wrote and self-published a novel, The Emissary. At 75, I wrote The Interloper and at 76, I completed the trilogy with The Emissary’s Endgame. My books… Read More »


Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year. I am off once again with several book signings lined up for the new year. My first one will be at the Indigo book store in Ancaster on Saturday, February 8th. There is a super coffee shop in Indigo sooooo why not grab a coffee, browse the stacks and drop by and say hello. Hope to see you there. Take care.… Read More »SAVE THE DATE


I wish every reader of my blog a happy and peaceful Christmas. May the new year be calm (if that is what you wish), prosperous (if that is what you are working toward) but, most of all, never forget, we all have our personal battles, so I wish you strength of character, patience and kindness. May  2020 be good for you and that you continue to flourish. Take care. Erica


Here’s a thought for the readers on your Christmas list. Why not get them a book meant to not only entertain but something for them to think about? Yes, I know, books are such a personal thing but there are readers, like myself, who enjoy a variety of genres and benefit from the writing perspectives of different authors. I recommend for first time readers of my books, perhaps The Interloper.… Read More »CHRISTMAS IS COMING