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quick msg. snafu on my website/blog. for those folks who sent a msg to my website or ordered a copy of The Emissary through my website and did not receive a response, pls accept my apologies and contact me again. sorry for the confusion. on a happier note, i just finished reviewing the editing of… Read More »QUICK UPDATE

Thomas Whitehead

Thomas is the only child of a minister and his wife, Robert and Caroline Whitehead. Ministers were poorly paid and life in the manse was a constant struggle. He was dearly loved by both parents and spoiled with love by his mother. As a young teen, he began questioning the believability of an all-seeing, all-knowing,… Read More »Thomas Whitehead


The Emissary is now available on eReader at KOBO and Indigo. Price is $8.95. Enjoy travelling with The Emissary and have a great day. Photo copyright © freepik

Margaret and Violet Sills

Margaret and Violet were born eleven months apart. Mother was in her mid-thirties and father ten years older. Although of the ultra conservative Mennonite culture, they chose to live in the modern village of Newcombe. Mother wore a mid-calf dark print floral dress, a white bib apron, dark woolen stockings, white mesh cap and sturdy… Read More »Margaret and Violet Sills

Caroline Whitehead

Caroline Whitehead is a tall, dark-haired woman with strikingly beautiful facial features. She is intelligent and personable and easily makes friends. Her father was a minister in a small town and her mother was his right hand. Her father often joked, “I preach the word of God and mother is in charge of everything else.”… Read More »Caroline Whitehead

Reverend Robert Whitehead

When first meeting Reverend Whitehead, a person is struck by his calm and gentle manner. He is tall, has light brown hair with an errant lock of hair falling over one eye. His deep blue eyes hide years of pain. Not even his wife, Caroline, knows the depth of this pain. Robert never knew his… Read More »Reverend Robert Whitehead

Character: Tony Charelle

Tony Charelle is evil in human form: a pleasing human form. He is charming and handsome, tall, athletic, olive complexion and hair always styled in the latest fashion. His startling pale brown eyes, almost opaque, spark dangerously when angered or challenged. He is attractive, and attracted, to both women and men and is fond of… Read More »Character: Tony Charelle

Where to Buy

GOOD NEWS The Emissary is now available for purchase at Bryan Prince Bookseller in Westdale  (Hamilton), and have a great day.