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The Sand Clock

No one is truly prepared for old age. When we were young, we were too busy to notice the passage of time. Then, one day, almost without warning, we discovered we were entering what is euphemistically referred to as ‘the golden years.’  We are given one life. As we age, we learn more about ourselves and others. Some people live in the sunlight — their own sunlight. Others live in the twilight — the shadow of others. Develop your own unique identity. You then become your original self.

The Sand Clock honours the lives of three women: Barbara, Milly, and Augie.
All three of these women overcame challenges in their lives that strengthened their character and their will to survive.

The characters’ names are pseudonyms of real women who have now passed away. The character of Augie blends the lives of two women. The novel is my interpretation of conversations with these women throughout the years.  To all of the Barbaras, Millys, and Augies: I salute you.

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