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New book


It’s been a while since I have been on my blog. No excuses! Now that COVID-19 looks like it is settling in for the summer, (perhaps longer!!) I thought I would write a brief update. We survived the last two weeks of February, March, April and the second last week of May in isolation. The remainder of my book signings were, of course, cancelled. A couple of months ago, I… Read More »UPDATE —NEW NOVEL

Thank You

The Emissary’s Endgame is now available through my web site,, and Ebooks Indigo, Kobo and Kindle. My deepest appreciation to the talented team at Trimatrix Management including Alexandra, editor and Grace, web site designer. A special thank you to Elyse who interpreted and designed all three covers. Writing a book is one thing. It is the professionals working in the background that “bring the book home”.


I have just ordered another run of The Emissary. Thank you to the readers who purchased copies of not only The Emissary but The Interloper as well. Hope you enjoyed reading them. I am working hard on writing the third, and last, novel about the little village of Newcombe. The novel is still untitled but… Read More »GOOD NEWS


Great news! The Interloper was launched at the end of August and was well received. I have a book signing with Indigo Books on Stonechurch Road in Hamilton on Saturday, October 27th from 1-4. Why not drop by and say hi? I would love to chat with you. Also a book signing slated for January… Read More »UPDATE

The Interloper

Such a great experience being a published author! I thoroughly enjoy the art of crafting these wonderful stories and I hope you enjoy them. Book two – The Interloper – is now available as a print and ebook. Order your copy today!


quick msg. snafu on my website/blog. for those folks who sent a msg to my website or ordered a copy of The Emissary through my website and did not receive a response, pls accept my apologies and contact me again. sorry for the confusion. on a happier note, i just finished reviewing the editing of… Read More »QUICK UPDATE