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Words from Erica


As I write this, the sun is shining and the temperature is a balmy 4C. Wind is picking up. We all know weather can change quickly and we will be plunged into cold wind, freezing temperatures (winter coat, hat and scarf, fuzzy gloves and warm boots weather!). Grey, scudding clouds suddenly cover the sun. But, no matter, we are used to winters. Many of us will bundle up and go… Read More »DECEMBER, AH BEAUTIFUL, UNPREDICTABLE DECEMBER


After writing The Emissary, I took another look at the character of Tony Charelle and his ability to travel through time. If evil could travel through time, why not the ordinary spirit? I began thinking about beliefs that encourage a belief in the soul/spirit being transported to another dimension upon death to a paradise, of sorts, I suppose, assuring people their soul/spirit  never dies. These souls/spirits simply morph thereby giving… Read More »THOUGHTS ON WRITING THE INTERLOPER


Just a quick peek on the back of the cover of The Emissary and then I will go into a bit more background. So…. here I go. The Emissary takes place during WW2 and spans several generations. It is a supernatural/thriller/mystery. An emissary of Satan (Tony Charelle) visits the small village of Newcombe in south-western Ontario. His mission is to capture the soul of its minister, the Reverend Robert Whitehead.… Read More »THOUGHTS ON WRITING THE EMISSARY


We are still battling COVID and now are in our fourth wave of this pandemic. BIG SIGH! Really, what is there to say? Well, as it so happens, plenty! Let’s look at our leadership.  COVID has pointed out the inability of our elected officials (leaders) to cope, or acknowledge the possibility of, a coming Canada-wide medical emergency. Despite events  happening in countries around the world and scientists warning of a… Read More »MUSINGS DURING COVID – 4


CITIZENSHIP Citizenship, to me, means more than belonging to a country (and the benefits that go along with citizenship). I believe not only does a country have a duty to its citizens but we have a duty to our country and to people who live within  our country.  One aspect of citizenship is taking responsibility for our behaviour: our personal responsibility toward the health and welfare of others. Citizenship bestows… Read More »MUSINGS DURING COVID – 3


BE AN ORIGINAL Some people live in the shadow of others. Some people live in their own sunlight. Then there are people who live in the twilight. They live their lives through the thoughts and ideas of others passing them off as their own. They have not fully developed their own identity. They are cut-outs of people they wish they could be. Lost. Develop your own personality. Personal growth is… Read More »MUSINGS DURING COVID – 2


After writing The Sand Clock, I sat back and really thought about my mortality. It is one thing to write about the lives of others but a totally different thing to seriously think about your own. So…… I sat down and wrote a few thoughts. The Ladder of Life Whether we know it or not, we are all standing on the ladder of life. When we are born, we are… Read More »MUSINGS DURING COVID -1

Death notice of a quiet, anonymous and much loved woman.

When I was a VERY young girl, I met my cousin, Gertrude. She was 24. She and her parents had just arrived from Germany and came to live with my parents until they could get settled. I never saw a more beautiful creature! She was a tall, slender young woman with the most amazing face, blue eyes and mane of red hair! She was a daughter who became a wife… Read More »Death notice of a quiet, anonymous and much loved woman.


I want to express my gratitude to those serving on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19. You all, from all health professionals, fire, police, border patrol, transportation workers, commercial workers, ALL OF YOU, for putting yourselves directly in the line of fire to assist those of us who are, hopefully, staying isolated in our homes. To those of you who are with your families because your places of… Read More »GRATITUDE

This website shares stories of older people who have created new lives for themselves. It was suggested that I tell you my story and so here goes. I graduated from university with an Honours degree in English when I was 60. At 74, I wrote and self-published a novel, The Emissary. At 75, I wrote The Interloper and at 76, I completed the trilogy with The Emissary’s Endgame. My books… Read More »