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Character: Tony Charelle

Tony Charelle is evil in human form: a pleasing human form. He is charming and handsome, tall, athletic, olive complexion and hair always styled in the latest fashion. His startling pale brown eyes, almost opaque, spark dangerously when angered or challenged. He is attractive, and attracted, to both women and men and is fond of saying, “I am an equal opportunist”.

Charelle has been around since the early 1700’s. He was once human but refuses to divulge how he lost his soul and the bargain he struck with Satan, “Secret of the Trade”. He has well-funded bank accounts around the world and is completely fluent in every human language. He is equally at home at swishy art gallery openings or working in a garage fixing cars.

Charelle expertly ingratiates himself into any situation. He completely understands human vulnerabilities and capitalizes on them. He seduces people because of his human appearance and manner despite being a non-human.

Charelle does not take rejection easily. He enjoys playing cat and mouse with his victim. He has a vicious sense of humour and thoroughly enjoys terrifying people. He once boasted, “I am not a bogeyman. I am the real deal.”

Charelle is pretty much a loner but will cooperate with other emissaries when profitable, “We have the same Father”. Charelle is a terrifying creature who preys on the weakness of humans. It’s his job.


Next blog will be of Reverend Robert Whitehead, Charelle’s mission.



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