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With Christmas just around the corner, why not consider books for the readers in your family. I have written a brief overview of both The Emissary and The Interloper. Perhaps these novels might be of interest to your supernatural/thriller readers.

THE EMISSARY – Tony Charelle, an emissary from Satan, is on a mission to the little village of Newcombe to capture the soul of Reverend Robert Whitehead. Charelle is terrifyingly human in appearance which enables the villagers to be captivated by his evil charm. Charelle’s actions and the ensuing events cause changes not only in the lives of the villagers but have a rippling effect worldwide through the generations.

THE INTERLOPER – Elly Norman, a self-centered and selfish young woman, dies an untimely death and finds herself trapped in time wandering through various time periods. Her first experience is as a spirit witness to events until, in her last incarnation, she becomes a true interloper entering the body of a young woman for whom life has not been kind. An emissary of Satan, Tony Charelle, visits Elly and offers her everything she ever desired while alive. Follow the Interloper to its startling conclusion.

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Why not put both books on your shopping list?

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