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Easter 2021 isn’t much different from Easter 2020. COVID-19 is still here and during the past year, she brought “her sisters”.  The Province of Ontario is again in lockdown and now for the month of April.

So my greeting for everyone is, truly, have an enjoyable Easter because we still  have things for which to be grateful: the people we have around us and that many of us are still healthy. I also realize I am being naive in that I am not acknowledging this terrible pandemic has changed many people’s lives forever. I can never know their pain and fear for the future but we need to dig in for a little longer, get our shots, wear masks, practice social distancing and keep our chin up. Nothing lasts forever – the bad or the good! So, with that in mind, have a quiet and thankful period until we are able to leave our homes, socialize again and hug our loved ones.

Keep healthy. Stay safe. We are all important to someone.

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