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Fishing in northern ontario

Just back from our annual fishing trip to Horseshoe Island on the Montreal River in Matachewan. We were on a small island with about 7 or 8 cabins. Our cabin sat on the top of rocks surrounded by mostly pines with a beautiful view of the water. I was forced to share “my” blueberry bushes with some very friendly ducks. The air is fresh, the early morning sun shines on the water like a thousand sparkling diamonds and at night the moon reflects off dark, glass-like water. Folks who have seen the stars in a northern night sky know what i mean when i say the sky is beyond breathtaking.

Horseshoe Island Camp is family-owned and operated by Ian, Linda and Kiley Ryder. Great folks! They set out a planter box of fresh herbs so their guests can help themselves. How’s that for thoughtfulness? By the way, fishing is always good.

We came back to reality with the blistering heat of southern Ontario. Back to the reality of grocery shopping, laundry and the calendar. Next year — two weeks!

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