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Some people live in the shadow of others. Some people live in their own sunlight. Then there are people who live in the twilight. They live their lives through the thoughts and ideas of others passing them off as their own. They have not fully developed their own identity. They are cut-outs of people they wish they could be. Lost.

Develop your own personality. Personal growth is a life-long process. Learn and benefit from life lessons offered and take pride in the person you are becoming. This is, of course, if we are open to understanding ourselves and embracing change. In taking advantage of lessons taught/learned, we can  become our original selves.

Do not identify with the glory of others. Form your own identity. Be proud of yourself and your accomplishments. We are given one life and one life only. Learn about yourself. Understand yourself. Love yourself. Never mold yourself to the expectations of others. We are all originals.




Envy and jealousy are two ugly emotions which manifest as an expression of a sense of inferiority. 

Envy, of course, can sometimes inspire a person to reach beyond what they believe they were capable. It can be an impetus to reach for something previously thought unobtainable.

Envy and jealousy have been likened to a form of flattery. Jealousy, coupled with gossip, can destroy the reputation of another human being. Jealousy says more about the jealous person than it does of the object of that hateful emotion.

Everyone, at one time or another, has felt a twinge of envy of another person’s success, social status  or personal possessions. Small issues morph into large issues and eventually jealousy becomes destructive. 


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