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We are still battling COVID and now are in our fourth wave of this pandemic. BIG SIGH! Really, what is there to say? Well, as it so happens, plenty! Let’s look at our leadership. 

COVID has pointed out the inability of our elected officials (leaders) to cope, or acknowledge the possibility of, a coming Canada-wide medical emergency. Despite events  happening in countries around the world and scientists warning of a coming pandemic, officials appeared to be unable to accept the idea of a pandemic in Canada. There was a “wait and see” attitude. When COVID hit Canadian shores, officials of all stripes scrambled for possible coping mechanisms. Thousands of Canadians lost their lives and several medical systems are on the verge of collapse!  In the initial stages of COVID several overwhelmed nursing and long term care homes were forced to request medical assistance from our military. At the end of their deployment, the Canadian Military issued a damning report of conditions inside these homes (which can be a discussion for another time) Military assistance has, once again, been requested and this time in Alberta. 

COVID illustrated officials appeared to be concerned with politics and optics. Leadership and welfare of citizens were a secondary issue. Such a pity! Your voters expected more of you. Oh well, thank goodness we live in Canada. We can go to the polls and be heard. Many of us have long memories that hold us in good stead during election time. Politicians are you listening???

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