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I made a big snafu about my blog. never having done one before, i forgot a couple of important aspects and didn’t understand how to answer folks. sure is a learning experience. again, my apologies. please try again, and i will get better at this. (hopefully)

Everyone, i enjoyed your feedback on both the back stories and quality of my blog. for those who asked for info about the blog, it is on WordPress. I could refer you to management company for reference to the gal who did the actual designing, if that is of interest.

As some of you may have read, i had a book signing recently and have decided to do back stories on the characters in The Interloper. As with The Emissary, i like to begin talking about the setting or reason for the novel so the reader can just jump right in and begin to understand what is going on. next i will be chatting about the protagonist, Elly Norman and then her mom, Iris Norman.

once again, am glad you enjoy not only reading the back stories but the concept behind them.

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