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The Emissary’s Endgame

my third, and final novel in the series is now in the capable hands of my editor at Trimatrix. i am looking forward to her comments as they always put a professional “shine” on the text.

Now that the novel is in her hands, i am able to really catch up with my reading. The first book I read was “Still Life” by a Quebec author, Louise Penny. What a wonderfully crafted detective story! Perry has written many books and she now has another fan!

The second book was recommended by a family member, The History of Bees by MaJa Lunde. The novel tells the stories of beekeepers, one in 1800’s England, one in the US and one in China. The story moves ahead to the middle of our century with the disappearance of bees and their importance to our food supply. Interesting and thought-provoking.

The third book was Baptism by Max Kinnings, also a good read.

The fourth book was That Inevitable Victorian Thing by E K Johnston and recommended by my British sister. another good read.

I will begin reading Paris by Edward Rutherfurd. At nearly 800 pages, this should take a while.

will let everyone know when The Emissary’s Endgame is published.

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