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Mid-February update

hello and good afternoon.

Just a brief note to wish those of you who celebrate Valentine’s Day a peaceful, enjoyable and kind day. With so much negativity in and around our lives at this time, perhaps this is the day to reflect on past February 14s with a small smile or, in some cases, a groan. Remembering other years will remind us that this period in our lives will eventually become a memory. As many of us know by now, life is full of challenges, negatives and positives, all of which must be handled with as much dignity as we can. We must appreciate the positives in our lives because, as one wise person once said, things can always get/be worse. Let’s appreciate our family, friends, neighbours and acquaintances. We are all in this together.

Sooooo, now, with the weather being bitterly cold and unable to often  leave our homes,  let’s make  a hot cuppa of whatever we prefer, grab a book that has been waiting five years to be read or that Crossward puzzle gathering dust and get busy!

Keep healthy, stay safe and take care. We, all of us, are important!

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