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It’s been a while since I posted. Here goes.

As I watch world, federal, provincial and local politics, all I can think is OMG! (You realize I am being exceptionally polite). Will this ever change – whatever ‘this’ is? As my dear Pop used to tell me “The ordinary person can’t change anything. People with the money, have the power. They don’t live by the same rules as the rest of us.” So Pop, like most everyone else we knew of the time, worked six days a week in factories, or on farms or construction. There was no cottage life. No travelling. We visited with friends and family and chatted with neighbours.

Poor Pop. I wonder what he would say about politics now. He was right, though. We have very little control over our lives no matter the political stripe. We do have the opportunity to change political party through our votes. The colour of the horse doesn’t matter; the horses are pretty much the same colour. Bear with me, please. Political parties have their own agendas. Most of the time we citizens do not learn, if ever, the full scope of those agendas because the agenda changes according to the machinations of unknown people manipulating those whom we elect to represent us. So, we do have the power of vote. If we are not thrilled with the status quo, we can wait another four years before participating in the same exercise again all the while hoping for what….? There is the odd individual who does believe in people power, but that person soon learns idealism leads no where.

Nah, I am not depressed. I am a realist. I have been voting longer than some of you reading this blog have been alive. I would enjoy reading an in-depth political report written by a no-holds-barred investigative journalist interviewing a newly minted politician and then, three years later to see if the knowledge of reality shines brightly in her/his eyes! But we humans live with hope. Don’t we?

My next blog will be about friendship. There are several kinds of friendship that enrich our lives. I am fortunate, so fortunate, to have friends that have been along with me for the ride. More later.

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