It’s been a while since I have been on my blog. No excuses!

Now that COVID-19 looks like it is settling in for the summer, (perhaps longer!!) I thought I would write a brief update. We survived the last two weeks of February, March, April and the second last week of May in isolation. The remainder of my book signings were, of course, cancelled.

A couple of months ago, I began writing another novel. This one is quite different from the supernatural three I wrote previously. Although The Emissary, The Interloper and The Emissary’s Endgame were well received, I thought I would write in another genre.

The Sand Clock (working title) is a novel about three very elderly women living in a retirement home. I tell the story of their lives: their courage, their determination, their laughter and tears. Two of these elderly women were known to me (now deceased) and the third female character is a combination of two women’s lives. Rosedene Manor is a retirement home that has many women but there are a few elderly men: grousing about their aches and complaints and their view of the world, in general. I believe this book will bring tears of remembrances to older folks and will be a reminder to younger folks that this, too, could be their path in later life.

I am shooting for print sometime before Christmas.

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The final novel in a trilogy of supernatural mysteries, The Emissary’s Endgame begins in the year 2030 where time and space intersect after several massive attacks on humanity. Six spirits, caught in the time shift, appear in the southwestern Ontario village of Newcombe. Another attack occurs a few months later, and the combined devastation of both events becomes a turning point for civilization.

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Elly Norman is an amoral young woman living in a world of her own creation. Human qualities of honesty and integrity are irrelevant. Love, compassion and caring are useless human emotions. In Elly’s quest for revenge of perceived wrongs, people become disposable. For her, retribution must be carried out. Revenge is always sweet.

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The Emissary takes place during World War Two and spans several generations. It is a supernatural thriller/mystery with a spiritual message. Mature themes give the novel an edge as the characters struggle with fear, pain and doubt as they become ever more enchanted with what evil has to offer.

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