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Why not you? Why not me? If you think about it, many of us have experiences in our lives that are fascinating, scary or moments in time that teach us lessons. Often, these events are shared with those closest to us. For some folks, writing about them is a way of remembering. For many of us, unless we write things down, they disappear into the ozone layer never to be recalled again!

Writing can be an adventure in exploring ideas. These writings do not have to be profound or deep psychological insights or analyses. Putting thoughts down on paper can be  an exploration of ourselves. We write fiction fantasies, adventures, mysteries, murders, sci-fi, romance, historical adventures or supernatural plots. So many genres! Writing can simply be an expression of  imagination.

Now if we are truly serious about taking our personal thoughts and experiences to another level and writing for others to read, we need to do our homework. Here are a few suggestions. Begin by checking out community colleges and libraries for evening courses on writing. Attend seminars or book readings at the local library. Scan the book shelves of your local book stores for a section devoted to local authors. Borrow/buy books on writing. Research. Make notes. Lots of notes.

I became more observant of my surroundings paying closer attention to my five senses. For example: the roar of wind through trees as a prelude to a storm, the beauty of morning dew on the flowers and grass or the fragrance of the flowers in the garden on a hot summer day, the smell of the earth after a rain, the touch of a cold metal railing on a winter morning, the deliciousness of an ice cream cone or the wonderful aroma of a hot dog stand on the beach. I became more observant of how people reacted in situations: their facial expressions, demeanor, body posture, temperament or the tone of their voice.

Me? Well, one day I sat down at the computer to play with thoughts and The Emissary (named later) was born, sort of. I was fortunate to know a self-published author in my community and he introduced me to the members of his writing group.  Their comments were invaluable. One thing I would like to mention, if you are serious about taking your writing to the next level (publishing) find a management company that has a staff of professional editors. The cost is well worth it. So is the advice you will be given. One comment I will offer is to take a deep breath and  stow the ego! 

Writing, for me, became a sort of personal journey and adventure. It began as a thought about whether this was something I could, or wanted to try.  Would anyone want to read what I had laboured so long to say? In all of my novels I began with past experiences, observances of people and nature, thoughts of ‘what if this could/would happen’ and, of course, my imagination and off-side way of looking at life. 


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